Now Online: Guidance Videos and Guitar Tabs for Control the Chaos’ Songs

Posted: January 6, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Hosted by Control the Chaos’ guitarist, Cody Davis – the band has released three new guidance videos to help avid fans and ambitious guitarists learn and play along with the group’s most popular releases.

Included in the series are the songs: RISE AGAIN, I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE and a pre-release version of the newest CTC project: TAKE AUTHORITY.
“There was a ton of interest in learning our songs and we had some outside musicians asking to audition,” states Davis. “Posting the videos on YouTube and also submitting the guitar tabs on allows the world to access our music in the best way possible – by actually playing along with us.”

“Today’s classroom is online. When it comes to music, YouTube is the teacher and sites like UltimateGuitar are the textbook,” adds Ed Fassio, CTC’s General Manager.

“The more people that become familiar with our music, the better,” adds bassist CJ Hulet. “It also lets us have more flexibility when it comes to collaboration and session work.”

The new videos, recorded in HD are immediately available for viewing and download.
You can also access the guitar tabs via the links below:

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