“Control the Chaos” Signs Movie Deal; Takes Heavy Metal to Silver Screen in “The Back Room”

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Cinema has always played a huge part in popular culture. With a variety of stories and themes, one can be entertained for a lifetime. Drama brings the tears, action pumps the adrenaline and documentaries get us thinking. But if fear and horror are more your taste then nothing compares to good ‘ol American grindhouse.

With Tinseltown support from the likes of celebrity directors Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez and Rob Zombie, the grindhouse horror genre has bred cult classics in recent years such as “Planet Terror”, “House of a Thousand Corpses” and remakes of mega-titles such as “Halloween” and “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. It seems like the public can’t get enough of the intense imagery and spine-tingling sensation these films conjure, evident by the recent wave of huge Hollywood budgets to bring blood and guts to the big screen.

But the LA elite aren’t the only ones cashing in on the genre. Spawned from low-budget, independent film-makers, grindhouse horror films often blend gore with humor and a good dose of exploitation. The term “exploitation” is common in film marketing, used for all types of films to mean promotion or advertising. These films then need something to exploit and horror themes provide ample ammunition, leveraging sensationalist advertising and broad, lurid overstatements of the issues depicted. Sound like fun?

It’s more than entertaining if you’re the independent film company “3DT Productions”. Enter Tim Stover, a local indie film director getting ready to release the company’s first feature “The Back Room”- a grindhouse horror film shot in and around Las Vegas, NV. “I wanted to pull together more local talent to put in this movie and given the subject matter, we were intent on assembling a great heavy metal soundtrack for the film,” states Stover. “I’m such a fan of metal of all types, I wanted this soundtrack to have a number of great metal bands in it as well as having a real industrial type of score. Being this was an indie production with local Las Vegas talent I wanted to find local metal bands to be in the film. When I came across CTC I just heard this creative passion and this driving force that was not going to let up till it pummeled you into the wall! I knew then, this was a perfect band for the film!”

The Back Room is an in your face modern take on the grindhouse horror. A downward spiral into madness and insanity, all to appease something beyond understanding.The film enters the mind of a serial killer. The rest, we’ll leave to online teaser trailers and the movie’s official release date for November 2010. We’d say more, but we’d have to kill ya…

“Heavy metal isn’t the soundtrack for relaxation. It’s the score for intensity! And horror and metal music go together like Halloween and candy,” says Ed Fassio, CEO of Itchy Metal Entertainment and manager of the Vegas metal band: Control the Chaos.

“We’re always exploring opportunities to further grow our international presence, both for the band and Itchy Metal,” states Fassio. “When Tim approached us with the idea of having CTC’s music included in the film, we reviewed the project, discussed distribution and came to a licensing agreement (with 3DT) to use their songs for the movie. In addition, the band is preparing to release their new horror-themed single “Zombie”, so the timing is perfect.”

For initial release, “The Back Room” will be distributed via retail channels by Canadian-based Black Flag Pictures and made digitally available via Netflix Canada.

“Montreal, Quebec-based Black Flag Pictures Inc. is a film studio, owned and operated by independent filmmaker Sv Bell. BFP produces and releases feature films in the action, thriller, horror and science-fiction genres. Founded in 1992 as SVBI Films, they established presence through work in TV commercials and music videos. Over the years the studio has built a strong reputation for producing high quality movies with production budgets less than a million dollars. Unlike most of today’s independent studios that focus on extreme content, Black Flag Pictures targets the mainstream direct-to-video / television / PTV international market, with a focus on mainstream content and powerful storylines attractive to a large audience rather than just horror/science-fiction aficionados.” – via http://www.blackflagpictures.com

Black Flag Pictures movies are currently available in these countries:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Canada, Czech Republic, England, Georgia, Ireland, Kazakstan, Kyyrgystan, Moldova, Russia, Scotland, Slovak Republic, Tajikstan, Thailand, Turmeninstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan

Since 2008, “Control the Chaos” has been developing their unique blend of Heavy Metal into their own creation dubbed “Vegas Molten Metal”. Acknowledged by the People’s Choice for: Best Teen Metal band in 2009 and Best Teen Band, All genres in 2010 by Vegas Rocks! Magazine, CTC embarked on their first self-managed, multi-state tour in June 2010 with performances across the west coast including opening for national headliners: Devil Driver, Kittie and Kataklysm during the six month excursion.

The film will feature tracks from the band’s sophomore release “Pendulum”. Their latest record is in final production and will be ready for public release by the 2010 holiday season including 2 new singles “Rise Again” and “I Walked with a Zombie”. In addition to other channel opportunities, Control the Chaos currently releases world-wide, digital distribution through TuneCore (iTunes, Microsoft Zune, Napster, Rhapsody, eMusic and more). “Control the Chaos” is managed as an “Itchy Metal Entertainment” production.

For additional information on “Control the Chaos” visit them online at: http://www.ctcrox.com

For more information on “The Back Room” & 3DT Productions visit:


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