Control the Chaos: Focus, Faith and Heavy Metal

Posted: October 7, 2010 in Band, heavy metal, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Music, Recording, rock, Studio, tattoo, Uncategorized
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People often ask how a group of teenagers were able to go from playing their high-school talent show to making national buzz, achieving notable online relevance, opening for major acts at premier venues and recording in the same studio as Pink Floyd and Slipknot…all within a little over two years of assembly.

Truth be told, it takes hard work. More than that, it’s a ton of self-discipline, dedication and continues to be the result of a phenomenal support network of amazing people. Okay, so all of those things are commonly stated in any success story right? True, but the band isn’t really a success yet. At least, not by traditional definition. CTC’s got a great foundation, but we always have to aim higher.

The reality is that everything we’ve done to make “Control the Chaos” a recognizable name in metal circles across multiple areas was a calculated risk. At times, a massive wager that requires an unprecedented amount of faith in ourselves, and definitely a Higher power.

In life, you’ll tend to find that most of us are conditioned to routine. We have a mental set of expectations that have been implanted since infancy. Things like school, career, marriage, kids and realizing the American dream (or chasing it). These ideals are nice. In fact, they’re very powerful. They’re also deeply embedded. That’s why whenever anyone decides to pave their own path there’s always the politics to contend with and BS to endure. It’s not so easily done, nor is it widely endorsed. Hence, making it unique, interesting and special. Or in other words, crazy. For most people, that’s just too uncomfortable.

Think about it: Chase your dreams? Get your head out of the clouds!! Quit your job? Have fun being homeless! Start up a heavy metal band? Are you on crack?!?! We’ve heard all of these things, even said them to ourselves at times. Still, the incessant desire for success and the pure joy we get out of doing this far outweighs any of the negative comments or side-effects.

The true key of being successful at anything including our music is that we are fully invested and uncompromising in our efforts to achieve our goals.

Quoting one of our own lyrics “This road is never easy.” (CTC’s “Blackened Sunrise” ©2009) Sacrifice? You bet. But scared? Never.

  1. Big Axe says:

    Keep on, keepin’ on!! Live the Dream!!

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