Control the Chaos – in SoCal through the Holidays

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Hi everyone,

Wanted to keep all informed as to what’s going on with the band. First off, if you’re not already a fan or friend of ours on Facebook – then we have to fix that! Please take a moment and add us:

This way you can keep up to date with our happenings, our blogs, cool pix and vids and our real-time updates. We’ll try to share information about what the band has been working on, but also industry info and articles that we think other artists and music enthusiasts will find helpful when charting their own careers.

Secondly, we wanted to announce the official end of our FIRST tour! Our homecoming show will be back in Las Vegas, NV on 11/20 with metal-makers “Warbringer” for a charity, Thanksgiving event @ The Cheyenne Saloon. We started in June and had an incredible journey across many states, met many new fans (and some old faithfuls), and enjoyed all the excitement of new venues. If we had a dollar for everytime we drove past Mt. Shasta!! LOL!!

There were a ton of adventures, here’s just a few:

1) The bird that got lodged in our radiator and decomposed across two cross-country excursions. Finally found the poor thing after we washed the van in LA. It was in pretty bad shape by then.. Yuck!!

2) The wonderful person that threw up all over our trailer hitch in Seattle, outside of the El Corazon. Okay, it was pretty gross… but the AMOUNT of puke was the amazing part. So much nastiness. It was almost unreal. Probably not human at all. Thank God for the pressure washer.

3) Jamming at the KeyClub when Devil Driver walked in on our set and started smiling and headbanging. Even cooler when they broke out the camera and recorded our show. Their show was phenomenal and we’re just glad that they found us entertaining as well… even for just a little bit.

4) Getting the opportunity to record at the world-famous “Village” studios in Los Angeles. Let’s just say that this was one of the most incredible experiences of our lives. That place has fame written all over it and just being able to step in the building was an honor. The fact that we have new material coming out from that session is going to be a huge treat for everyone, so stay tuned!

5) Landing new endorsements and sponsorships from companies like Triple Crown Tattoo and SoulTone Cymbals. Knowing that these businesses are excited to align their own brands and images to the Control the Chaos and Vegas Molten Metal movement is a huge compliment as well as incredible opportunity.

6) Awesome new merch became available – if you haven’t seen the new shirts – again, check us out on Facebook. Mad props to Don Melendez (our designer from Crimson Brand). The latest creation “Heavy Reign 2010 Tour” T-shirt is mad sickness, and already in HOT demand!!! Get yours soon, as it’s sure to be a collector’s item someday 🙂 🙂

7) Attending the show, and winning the Vegas Rocks! Magazine award for “Best Teen Band” for Las Vegas, determined by Fan Votes – all of YOU helped make that possible!!!  Being the 1st annual VRMAs was an awesome experience. Read about it here:

8) And what’s up with that “smell” in the alley behind the Rendezvous in Seattle?!?! We can still “taste” that…

As always, thanks to all of you for your continued support and listenership (is that a word? haha). We’ll have some more BIG announcements soon and of course, NEW music – including our new tracks “Rise Again” & “Zombie” which should be just in time for the holidays and YES, YES, YES: Vocal tracks are DONE!! Our search for a singer is officially OVER and we’ve got a huge treat for all of you on the upcoming releases.

Right now, Los Angeles has been keeping us very busy with opportunities, BIG shows and new projects so we’ll be camping out here through the holidays. No worries for our Vegas and Seattle fans, just as soon as possible we’ll be back on the road and revisiting the places and fans that we love. We also look forward to extending into other states in Spring of 2011, so be prepared to rock out with us when we get to your neighborhood!!!

Thanks again, and as always: Keep Bangin’

Control the Chaos: Photoshoot Seattle 2010

CTC Band Photo

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