Working with the Pros, “Control the Chaos” Records at The Village!

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There are a few times in a band’s history that stand out as those major experiences that change everything. Most bands would agree that one of those moments is when you finally get into the recording studio to commit your tracks to a final piece of work to be proud of.

Although ‘Control the Chaos’ has been recording and releasing their own music since initial formation, they’ve always imagined setting foot in a major recording studio with engineering staff and a production team to oversee the project. That’s why the guys were totally psyched when veteran producer/engineer, Dave Hampton presented the opportunity to record and mix their latest project at the legendary “Village” studios in Los Angeles, CA.

“We’ve recorded in the past. Mostly out of our Vegas place, on our own. Then we got the opportunity to work in the studio with Pat Kearney (from Henry Hanks and Lords of the North) up in Seattle. That was our first time working in a more structured production environment under someone else’s direction. It was really cool to have Pat’s insight and guidance, which readied the band for this opportunity at the Village,” states Hector Gomez, drummer.

“You look at who’s been at the Village, the projects that have come out of that studio and you get a little overwhelmed at first,” added bassist CJ Hulet. “Every generation of hits is represented on those walls. Every legend, every genre. Just being in the hallways is inspirational.”

As it states on the studio website:
In every decade since its founding, The Village has produced the favorite songs of that era, and as the look and sound of music changes, so does The Village. These days, you will find a diverse roster, with names like Lady Gaga, The Raconteurs, Weezer, B. B. King, The Pussycat Dolls and The Foo Fighters.

In addition to creating chart topping albums, The Village is well known for its impressive list of movie soundtracks. From The Bodyguard and Shawshank Redemption, to Wall-E and Walk The Line, we are equipped to handle any and all situations while also solving each and every need of our clients. Music is everywhere, but it sounds better in The Village.

Recording in the big room, “Studio D” – CTC will finally get to unleash their “Molten-Metal” style into an environment that has produced hit after hit, with aspirations of doing the same.

“This came together sooner than expected, so everyone’s understandably excited. We’re especially grateful to Dave Hampton and the folks at the Village including Jeff Greenberg and Tina Morris for helping us coordinate the session,” said Ed Fassio, band Manager.

“This is new material, so it’s gonna be intense…and a lot of fun,” added Zach Fassio and Cody Davis.

Since 2008, Control the Chaos has been developing their unique blend of Heavy Metal into their own creation dubbed “Vegas Molten Metal”. Acknowledged by the People’s Choice for Best Teen Metal band in 2009 and Best Teen Band, All genres in 2010 by Vegas Rocks! Magazine, CTC embarked on their first self-managed, multi-state tour in June 2010 with performances across the west coast including opening for national headliners: Devil Driver, Kittie and Kataklysm during the six month excursion. Securing endorsements and sponsorships along the way, the band’s homecoming show features a Charity event at Las Vegas metal shop, the Cheyenne Saloon with Century Media recording artists Warbringer on November 20, 2010.

The session at the Village will be the band’s fourth recording project.

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