Had the opportunity to record with Pat Kearney (Henry Hanks, Lords of the North) in their downtown Seattle studio this weekend. It was a GREAT experience. The vibe and tone in the studio were incredible and we decided to lay down a few new tracks that we’ve never done before. This will be the basis for another upcoming CTC release (date TBA) full of some new styles and a few surprises.

It was cool to get out of the cabin for a little bit. Since our last show, everyone caught a nasty bug and we decided to lay low for the week until everyone fully recuperated. As of now, looks like everyone’s on the mend although we’re about 24 hours behind our plans to head back to LA. We’ll most likely leave tomorrow evening or early Tuesday in preparation for our next gig in Hollywood. Pretty excited about that one – it’s with Devil Driver and Kittie at the Key Club and it’s all ages – so we’re pretty sure that the show is gonna be packed by default.

Tonight? A quiet evening absorbing the MTV VMAs, a good night’s sleep and then back to the road. Everyone’s in good spirits. Sounds like Vegas is excited to have us come back soon. We’ll have a show there on November 20th, so stay tuned.

Have some AWESOME news coming up on October 1st and 2nd, but we’ll leave that for another post…

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