“Control the Chaos” Takes Prize for BEST TEEN BAND @ 2010 VRMAs

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Flashing lights, body guards, rock icons, local heavy-hitters and star-struck fans descend upon the red carpet outside of the Las Vegas Hilton’s “Elvis” show-room. It’s 6pm Sunday, 8/22/2010 – the date of the first-ever Vegas Rocks! Magazine Awards show. Headed by the “Publishing Queen of Rock-n-Roll” herself, Sally Steele, the event was the manifestation of dedication, perseverance, a great support team and several months in the making.

Amongst the crowd and in between rock legends such as Lemmy, Dee Snyder, Lita Ford, Glenn Hughes and Flavor Flav, fans could make out the faint glow of bright red hair, leather and aviator sunglasses. A closer look would reveal “BEAST”, the drummer of Vegas’ own heavy-metal teen titans “CONTROL THE CHAOS”, this year’s nominee for BEST TEEN BAND, across all genres. Alongside Beast, were his brothers in metal: Bones, Ripper and Maniac. Fresh off their west coast tour and driving in from the previous night’s show in Santa Monica, CA – the four teens were excited and a bit overwhelmed at the crowd and fan-fare surrounding the evening’s gala. Walking the red carpet behind “Nawgahyde” (this year’s nominee for best Live performance), CTC took stance to a sea of excited fans, video cameras and paparazzi.

“There were so many people when we arrived,” states Zach “Ripper” Fassio. “We knew it was going to be big, but this was pretty HUGE!”

“Everyone was hyped. Pictures were being taken everywhere and everyone was really supportive of each other,” added CJ “Bones” Hulet.

“The vibe across the local scene was an awesome display of brotherhood and support. We’re in for something big tonight and being nominated amongst all of these great bands is a huge honor. Hats off to Sally Steele and the magazine, everything looks amazing,” said Angelica Hyder, assistant manager for the band.

With well over 5000 attendees, the event was a massive undertaking to say the least. Upon entry into the venue, it was a priority mission to grab the last of a few good seats in the middle of a sold-out crowd. The jumbo-trons were focused on the entry doors, grabbing the prime footage as crowd and celebrity mixed as they entered the venue. Lights dimmed, smoke filled the arena and the video reel began – the 1st Annual VRMAs were underway!

Highlights of the evening included an emotional, heart-felt tribute to fallen rockers Kevin Dubrow and Ronnie James Dio by fellow band mates and rocker friends. Glenn Hughes’ (Deep Purple) solo rendition and dedication to Dio exploded through the speakers, touching everyone and honoring a great legend. Locals “Zombie Shaker Box”, “Left Standing” and “The Sin City Sinners” kept the crowd rocking while entertainers such as Flavor Flav, Lita Ford, Lemmy and local favs “Nawgahyde” kept the folks admiring and laughing.

Some other local bands-done-good included Punkers “The Objex”, “Theory of Flight” and “Protest” taking home awards in their respective categories.

Then the moment came to announce XPOZ “Best Teen Band” award. Rock critic 1Pyschotic and “Heavy Honey” frontman London Mace took stage to announce the winners. As each nominee was announced, the crowd erupted into cheers of support. There were definitely a ton of CTC Fans in the house. Then the moment of truth: A tie! 2 bands would be honored for the category based on their fan votes. Locals “Control the Chaos” and “And She Whispered” clenched the award.

First up to stage was CTC. Bones took liberty for the acceptance speech, thanking God, fans, family, Vegas Rocks and management for all the support. “Let’s hear it for Metal!!” screamed CJ Hulet to the crowd. An overwhelming response showed that head-bangers do indeed do it LOUDER.

Back at their seats, the CTC section was a frenzy. Local promoters applauded their approval. Fellow nominees cheered their support. CTC Management and fans were teary-eyed, screaming and cheering.

“This is validation and acknowledgment for all the hard work those kids have put in,” comments band manager, Ed Fassio. “I’m so very proud of them. I’m just so very freakin’ proud of those boys. They work so hard and this is just awesome. Thanks to everyone. CTC all the way!!”

For a full list of nominees, check out the August 2010 issue of Vegas Rocks! Magazine, or visit: http://www.vegasrocksmag.com

For more information on Control the Chaos, visit the following sites:


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