Vegas’ Own “Control the Chaos” Gets Ink Sponsorship from Triple Crown Tattoo

Posted: August 11, 2010 in heavy metal, Music, tattoo, Uncategorized
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Rock music, tattoos and piercings go together like salsa and chips. It’s also the common practice (of bands) to get tattoos while on tour and even better if you can find a cool shop that is willing to sponsor the ink work. That’s why when heavy metal band “Control the Chaos” was approached by their original art director, Don Melendez with sponsorship interest from Triple Crown Tattoo, the band was both excited and flattered.

The shop was the realization of Andrew Christian’s life-long dream to own and operate his own business. Since most of his closest friends were tattoo artists or piercers, it seemed that the concept had been years in the making. The end result: Triple Crown Tattoo, an upscale boutique in the heart of Kitsap County which caters to those who require prestige and professionalism when it comes to body art.

Joining Andrew for the new venture was accomplished artist Gary Graves. Gary has been doing tattoo art for over 12 years. With a passion for design and a strong dedication to professionalism, Gary’s skill and persona fits the culture of the shop perfectly.

While on tour, Control the Chaos played a show at Bremerton’s Charleston Theatre, an old adult complex turned all-ages music venue not far from Triple Crown’s doors. TC & CTC became acquainted during the show and there was an instant synergy.

“The marketing and collaboration potential is a no-brainer, because both businesses understand the importance of building and maintaining a prestigious brand” states band manager, Ed Fassio. “This partnership allows multiple opportunities to unite artists, as well as the business and public communities.”

With the exception of bassist “Bones”, this was the band’s first experience under the needle. Entertaining to say the least. “The pain was a little expected but probably under-estimated, but Gary was incredible at his skill and speed,” stated Zachary Fassio, the first to sit in the chair. In one afternoon, Gary was able to get all the band members inked up with their initial outlines including details.

CTC was absolutely delighted with the results. Future ideas include doing additional design collaboration and a grand opening event. Stay tuned!

For additional information about Control the Chaos, Triple Crown Tattoo and the ink session, visit: or

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