All bands know that the best time to get tattoos is when you’re on tour! And even better if you can find a cool shop that is willing to sponsor the band’s ink work. That’s why we were so excited when our original designer, Don Melendez informed us that his close friends over at Triple Crown Tattoo (in Bremerton, WA) were excited to come to our show, work with us and agree to sponsor and endorse our tattoo work for the band.

Accomplished artist Gary Graves has been doing tattoo art for over 12 years. He joined Andrew Christian to help launch Triple Crown, an upscale boutique which caters to those who require prestige and professionalism when it comes to body art. Needless to say, the band was stoked.

With the exception of Bones, this was the band’s first experience under the needle. Entertaining to say the least. The pain was a little expected but probably under anticipated, but Gary was incredible at his skill and speed. In one afternoon, he was able to get all the band members inked up with their initial outlines, including details.

CTC was absolutely delighted with the results. Future ideas included doing additional design collaboration and a grand opening event. Stay tuned!

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