Getting to the venue last night was no easy task. Traffic, which is notoriously bad – was no exception for us. We hit it full-on at the peak of rush-hour on our way to the El Corazon and once we got there, the street traffic was just as intense. Didn’t help that Zach had to piss like a racehorse.

As we pulled around the corner, TOTAL SCORE – parking RIGHT in front of the door. Just big enough for our van and trailer to fit outside of the tow-away zone. Coolness.

The venue was dark. Tucked away and peppered with banners, stickers and the dank smell of wet and rock-n-roll. Okay, in reality it was pretty clean except the bathrooms carried there own unique blend of funk. The joint was dope. Reminds you of a smaller Whisky-a-Go-Go and you can tell that some GREAT acts had ripped in this place. The bulletin board was covered with upcoming shows. Some known, others to be known. Dan the sound guy was amazingly good at his job. Take the awesome sound of Las Vegas’ Cheyenne Saloon and turn it up about 10 notches. The place rumbled off the richter scale. it was insane and unbelievably awesome!! ALWAYS tip your sound guy people!

The other bands were in full focus too. Tygerr’s Lair was first to greet us, then Pangea. Cool guys. Ravages of Time came to set-up last, all the way from Concrete, WA. dude, those guys freakin’ rocked it.

Here’s the deal: Seattle bands definitely play with massive HEART. U could feel how
much this venue and this stage/audience meant to them. They connected with everyone and REALLY brought a show. CTC was no exception! All in all, we’re proud to say the largest crowd was for us and that made us feel very welcome back in our old city.

People definitely took advantage of the bar. Someone even had a massive puke attack right on our trailer hitch. Wow, thanks to whoever did that INTENTIONALLY. That was really the only uncool part of the night.

Later, our cousin Tony hosted an after-party in Bellevue to celebrate the show. A ton of old friends were there, including our old homies Edgar and Rodrigo from Everett and it was awesome to see everyone. Even some old friends from way back in Middle school came out (Julie, Mikey, Brenna and Amanda – it was totally awesome that u guys made it!)

Tonight – round 2. A little tired, but still stoked: we head to Bremerton, WA in 2 hours!! Keep bangin out there.. we definitely WILL!!

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