After last night’s s’mores bonfire and a little relaxation, we called it a night to get ready for a big working weekend.

Today is our manager’s (Ed) birthday. Another beautiful sunny day in the Pacific NW and even though there is a relaxed setting and the aroma of home-made spaghetti sauce in the air (thanks Ed!) there is always work to do.

Checked the routine MySpace, Facebook and Reverbnation sites. Tons of well-wishers and supporters for the band – which is always very cool. Enjoyed hearing from everyone. A blast of text messages came in this week too, with folks all over the country checking in and providing words of encouragement.

Took our Aunt Heather (also our awesome band photographer) to the airport early this morning because she had to return to Paris. Sad to see her go, but she has her own exciting adventures to address… LOVE YOU Heather! See you again soon and thanks so much for the awesome photoshoot.

This afternoon, the band continued to rehearse for the upcoming shows, write more songs and refine lyrics. A little free-jam and a bit of fun expected tonight to celebrate. Pretty psyched about being here in Seattle and even more excited about the upcoming shows this week. The local bands supporting the show have been extremely cool (thanks Pangea and Tygerr’s Lair) and the promoters have been awesome so far (thanks Dana, Adam, Andy!)

Anything weird about Seattle so far? Yeah… where did ALL the people go?? The traffic on the highways and on the ferry were unusually light!! Either everyone’s on vacation or everyone’s unemployed!! Weird.

More later…

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