“Control the Chaos” Signs Distribution Agreement with Zune & XBOX Live Marketplace

Posted: March 3, 2010 in Music, Uncategorized
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PR Log (Press Release) – Mar 02, 2010 – Itchy Metal Entertainment announced an exciting, digital distribution partnership between Las Vegas based heavy metal band “Control the Chaos” and Microsoft’s XBOX Live and Zune Marketplace. This agreement further propels the young, Sin City rockers into a new realm of media and entertainment that delivers their unique genre of “Vegas Molten Metal” directly into the homes of an additional, 10 Million+ world-wide subscribers.

“To allow our fans the ability to access CTC’s music and exclusive video content directly through the XBOX360 into their Zune hand-held devices is a huge game-changer,” states Ed Fassio – President of Itchy Metal Entertainment and band manager. “We already have digital distribution through iTunes for the Apple iPod and iPhone devices and we’re very anxious to see what we can deliver through the new iPad experience. We never imagined the ability to simultaneously capitalize on the subscription based model of Microsoft’s Zune marketplace while maintaining the marketing alignment with Apple’s iTunes store. This opens up an entirely new, global audience and allows us cross-platform playability. It’s rare to see Microsoft and Apple in the same context, but when it comes to Control the Chaos, our fans don’t have to choose. People all over the world can experience CTC through their phones, music players and gaming consoles, regardless of vendor. This is the new marketplace for artists and we’re excited to be an early adopter.”

Microsoft’s Zune Marketplace has held second place to Apple’s iTunes offering since its original launch in August of 2005. While iTunes changed the music industry forever by allowing independent artists self-distribution through a direct revenue model, Microsoft explored the delivery of mainstream artists through a subscription based service. Both became wildly successful, but in 2009 Microsoft announced plans to integrate the Zune Marketplace into the already successful, XBOX Live Marketplace and begin delivery of independent artists into their catalog– a prudent maneuver which extended the brand of both devices through a major gaming platform. The result was a new, seamless, multimedia storefront for music, movies, games and exclusive content including live events and customizable media. With recent announcements in February 2010 for a Zune-enabled Windows mobile device, Microsoft is proving that they are only beginning to innovate and create new store-fronts.

“It’s an exciting time to be an independent artist and another great moment for the band” adds Fassio. “Control the Chaos has always been a thought-leader by leveraging technology to help create, market and distribute themselves from the very beginning. We believe the possibilities are endless and this new partnership with Zune allows us a ton of marketing flexibility.”

Control the Chaos’ sophomore CD release “Pendulum” will be the band’s first project to be distributed through the Zune marketplace. The band’s debut EP “Blackened Sunrise” is currently available through iTunes.

For more information on the band, please visit: http://www.ctcrox.com or e-mail ctcrocks@gmail.com

Vegas Heavy Metal Teens - Control the Chaos

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