Rockers “Control the Chaos” Get Offer & Prepare for Big Changes in the New Year…

Posted: January 12, 2010 in Music, Uncategorized
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For Immediate Release (Las Vegas, NV – USA)
The crowd chants, “CTC! CTC! CTC!” as the lights dim and the band ends their 40 minute set on October 10, 2009. The place: Cheyenne Saloon, known as one of the grittiest and toughest heavy metal venues in Sin City. The event: Fuse TV’s Slave to the Metal showcase, hosted by Uranium’s Mistress Juliya. The result: A commanding presence and another tough act to follow. This would be CTC’s final performance of 2009 as the band silently withdrew into concentration to re-forge their style, image and mission. It was time to be extremely focused. It was necessary to be specific. There was important work to be done…

Their sound and stage presence is described as fast and aggressive, but no one could have predicted just how fast the career of one of Vegas’ loudest and most promising young acts would be.
Vegas Molten Metal rockers “Control the Chaos” have accomplished things that more tenured acts find hard to achieve across several years, let alone right out of the gate. From playing famous venues in front of sold-out audiences to producing and releasing their own debut EP, the band has built an incredible resume which helped skyrocket them to one of the most recognizable names and respected bands within the Vegas metal music scene. With dedication and an incessant appetite for success, the youngsters held a rapid-fire performance schedule in 2009, playing 152 shows in less than 12 months- all while still attending high school. So ambitious was the band’s management company (Itchy Metal Entertainment) in strategic marketing efforts, that by mid-year the band proudly commanded one of the most coveted achievements in today’s technology driven marketplace: the #1 search return on Google for best young metal band west coast and continues to develop as the internet’s beloved face of adolescent heaviness.

Intentionally staying independent, the group’s non-affiliations allowed them to freely integrate into the intricate entertainment fibers across the west coast. Trusted advisors, supporters and entertainers from the worlds of music and television including Rock, Metal, Punk, Reggae, Hip-Hop, R&B and Jazz notables quickly became part of the Itchy Metal Entertainment family. CTC’s business acumen and relationship agility fueled a movement and model that others would admire. From Los Angeles to New York, the band’s notoriety grew beyond the west coast finally capturing the attention of executives at Universal Music, NBC, industry scouts and tastemakers within the RIAA.

Finally, in December 2009 the band gained the ultimate symbol of validation when an A&R scout from a London-based label proposed an official record, distribution and international touring contract. Equally excited and humbled, the guys had a ton to digest. Deciding this was the best direction and most logical next step for the band, CTC entered into full negotiations on January 1st, 2010. (At the time of press, the band remains in discussions. Final announcements regarding label and release information is TBA).

Along with making the hard decisions necessary for progress, the band also decided to officially part-ways with current front-man, Brandon Rojas. Joining the band as lead vocalist in March 2009 during a heightened period of activity, Rojas spent 9 months with CTC. “Brandon was a big part of our first release. We wish him the best in all his future endeavors and thank him for his time. Our lead vocalist position is officially open,” announced the band’s manager, Ed Fassio.

Today, the band is an energetic force staying just as intentional and increasingly deliberate. Although success is never guaranteed and the future has yet to unfold, Control the Chaos is definitely one to watch. With Las Vegas being the ultimate backdrop where smart wagers and high-risk stakes can pay-off in abundance, one can surely bet that CTC will continue to expand. The future is extremely bright for a band once described by Vegas Rocks! Magazine as “One of Vegas’ Rising Stars…”

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