Control the Chaos Featured in Vegas Rocks! Magazine Artist Spotlight

Posted: September 10, 2009 in Music, Uncategorized
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Control the Chaos (CTC) is a young, heavy metal band based in Las Vegas, NV. Setting a very rapid pace, these determined teens exploded on to the west coast music scene in September 2008 and in short order became a regular crowd-pleaser in venues from the Vegas Strip to the Sunset Strip. Crowned Vegas’ Best young metal band by Vegas Rocks Magazine in August 2009, Control the Chaos secures top rankings as the hottest local metal act on and ranks as the most dominant search engine return for best teen metal band west coast on Google.

Control the Chaos recently spent the month of July recording material for their first EP release, entitled “Blackened Sunrise”. The CD features five new songs by the group and in addition to completing this project the band also filmed and released a simultaneous full-length music video for the title track, also entitled “Blackened Sunrise” produced by David J. Hartley and directed by Daniel Chandia. Always the independent entrepreneurs, the band self-marketed the DVD for the video and accompanying EP along with bonus footage, director commentary and a behind the scenes documentary about the band origins and making of the video into a fully packaged product for retail distribution.

Praised as one of the most energetic and dramatic performances across the west coast music scene, the band has drawn comparisons to heavy metal heavy-weights such as the intensity of Metallica and the theatrics of Iron Maiden in their early years. Influenced by both of these legendary groups, Control the Chaos holds a unique maturity and professionalism for a band so young. Each member is an evolved front man with a distinct personality. These characters manifest themselves on stage, video and recordings as the music comes alive through each of the five members. Their sound is a unique blend of harmonized riffs, changing time signatures, pulsating drums and operatic vocals. Having such an original sound, the music was soon dubbed as its own genre: “Vegas Molten Metal” and Control the Chaos holds claim as the originator.

While most teen-agers spent their summer vacation visiting family and attending camp, CTC performed four shows a week, outpacing others acts while still managing a consistent attendance draw time and again, selling out weekday and weekend crowds at venues such as the world-famous Whisky-a-Go-Go in Los Angeles. Grabbing media attention from local Vegas trade rags such as Vegas Rocks Magazine and Las Vegas Weekly, the bands intensity also gathered notice from industry influencers and taste-makers at A&R Select, Boombacker, and NBC.

Literally a band of brothers, Control the Chaos is made up of two sets of step-brothers: Hector “Beast” Gomez, the band’s percussionist and Zachary “Superman” Fassio, lead guitarist are the first set. The second are brothers Cody “Sunshine” Davis, on rhythm guitar and CJ “Bones” Hulet on bass. An inseparable quartet since CTC’s original assembly, all members attend the same high-school. In spring of 2009, the brothers added Brandon Rojas as their lead vocalist after discovering him during an open-mic jam at a North Vegas popular music venue, Gallo’s.

The release of the band’s debut LP is highly anticipated. The bands singles are currently being played on internet radio and podcasts throughout the country. Social networking sites have expanded CTC’s audience to an international footprint and digital distribution through iTunes has netted sales across the USA, Australia, Germany and Japan. Control the Chaos has goals to reach out to a universal fan-base and inspire both musicians and fans by “never giving up on their dreams, enduring through any Blackened Sunrise”.

Control the Chaos’ music can be heard in regular rotation on XRADIO.BIZ and is available on iTunes,, CDBaby, Napster, AMIE Street, Shockhound, LimeWire, MySpace, FaceBook, ReverbNation, PromoFM, FameCast, etc. as well as local retail outlets in the Las Vegas market. Visit the band’s website at and for upcoming show and tour dates supporting the release of Blackened Sunrise.

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