Control the Chaos Premiers “Blackened Sunrise” Music Video World-Wide

Posted: July 24, 2009 in Music, Uncategorized
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July 24, 2009 (Las Vegas, NV – USA)
“One small step for Vegas, one GIANT step for Control the Chaos!” stated Ed Fassio (CEO of the band’s management firm, IME) – paraphrasing the experience of Neil Armstrong’s historic walk on the moon 40 years ago.

“There are a few extremely proud “first” moments that you get to experience as an artist and team. This is definitely one of them. To see this dream transform into something that the band can fully share with a world-wide audience is truly an amazing thing,” concluded Fassio.

Under the guidance and production of rising director Daniel A. Chandia and David J. Hartley of Hartley Entertainment group, Control the Chaos’ first full-length video takes the audience through an in-depth look at the bands’ personal trials as they’ve emerged as leaders in the Heavy Metal genre across the Las Vegas and west coast music scene. Since their initial public performance in September of 2008, the band has continued to sell-out venues across the west coast including break-through performances at the world-famous “Whisky-a-Go-Go” nightclub on Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip.

Video production was shot on location in various settings across southern Nevada, with the most notable backdrop being I-95’s “Keyhole Canyon”. Facing near 130 degree temperatures and elements that included larger-than-life wasps, bees and an abundance of very agitated rattle-snakes, the band endured 4 full days of filming while the video was edited, manipulated and finally, brought to life.

Future plans for the video release include world-wide presentation through various online formats including all major social networks. Additional television broadcasts will initiate through popular cable-on-demand services with future outlook on major networks.

The group’s simultaneous DVD release will include band, management and production commentary, a full biography of Control the Chaos, entitled “Behind the Chaos”, exclusive photos and extensive “B” reel footage of the making of the “Blackened Sunrise” video.

For more information about Control the Chaos, please visit or visit them on MySpace at

For more information about the producer and director, please visit:

Control the Chaos is official managed by “Itchy Metal Entertainment”

Vegas Molten Metal, Copyright 2009

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