Vegas Teen Rockers Hit #1…and Then Some!!

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June 11, 2009 (Las Vegas, NV – USA)
Vegas Molten Metal sensation, “Control the Chaos” shattered milestones this week with major accomplishments, launches, announcements and partnerships. The band’s progress has been charging full steam ahead as they continue to go from good, to better and now officially – BEST!

CTC faced-off in six weeks of brutal competition and elimination amongst Las Vegas’ most aggressive talent in the Vegas Rocks Magazine “Teen Metal Mayhem” competition. The mission: To crown the city’s best teen metal band. In a nail-biting climax held at Vegas’ own all-ages venue, The Farm – the band grabbed the glory and was humbled and honored to accept the title presented by VRM’s own 1Psychotic (one of the most honest and experienced rock journalists and brutal rock critics in the business) and Sally Steele (pioneering front woman and founder of the Magazine). Hosted by VRM’s president, Steve Eggleston a panel of judges including members of local bands Protest, photo-journalist Aaron Briese, Dario Lorina from Lizzy Borden, Tracey Rader from the Farm and many other industry heavy-weights and influencers held the daunting task of choosing the final winner. First prize included a professional PR package, a new ESP Ltd guitar, 5 hours of recording time at Snake Rock’s new S&K recording studio and placement on the front cover of Vegas Rocks Magazine’s upcoming issue, including a write-up in the magazine featuring the band.

“This is amazing. We are really excited about this and it feels great. The whole thing is surreal,” stated Brandon Rojas, lead vocalist. “It’s great. We are dedicated and we stay focused. We know that blessings got us here and the blessings will keep us here. This is for our fans, friends and family. Thanks to everyone for all the support,” added CJ Hulet, bassist for CTC.

In other news this week, CTC continued a blazing-hot online marketing campaign launching the band’s official CTC Street Team and gathering new members and fans at a lightning pace. With overwhelming response and speed, the increased popularity of the band resulted in their new ranking on ReverbNation’s website as the #1 METAL band in the Las Vegas market. This accomplishment puts the young rockers in an entirely different league of comparison, building both excitement and pressure as more and more eyes watch the band continue to fast-track.

Speaking of online, the marketing engine that is “Itchy Metal Entertainment” recently announced that Control the Chaos has also gained the #1 search engine return for Best Teen Metal band west coast, gaining the “Fierce-Five”a credential and validation badge on the world’s premier web-search tool, Google. “Truly, a respectable accomplishment; People don’t realize how much work it takes to achieve and maintain the number one spot on Google. It means people are looking, listening and checking out the band from all over the world. Google doesn’t play around, you can’t fake this stuff. Sure, you can pay mega bux and get the number one spot on any search result, but earning it through hard work and a well crafted deployment strategy is much more effective… and valid. It ain’t easy. This, we are very proud of,” confirmed Ed Fassio – band manager and President of Itchy Metal Entertainment.

As the summer heats up, the band takes HOT to a whole ‘ nother level by partnering with “Indie on the Move” who helped broker a relationship with Pyro-Technique demons “The Hell Candidates” from Portland, OR. The duo will debut CTC at Portland’s Metal playground, Club Satyricon on August 21st. CTC will be continuing on for additional confirmed tour dates in Tri-Cities, WA and Seattle and then host the Hell Candidates through their first ever tour in Vegas, booking 2 shows together in early August with fellow rockers Shelter Red, also from Portland. Bands helping Bands… that’s what it’s all about!!!

Speaking of partner bands, Control the Chaos recently booked two stops on Tampa’s young metal phenomenon “Holes & Hearts” national CD Release tour. With two shows together in Las Vegas, fans will get a taste of some of the best young metal talent the nation has to offer. Led by power-house management team Frank and Bill Macek, H&H has already signed with Mongrol Records from Los Angeles and holds sponsorships with N-Tune and Minarik Guitars and at such a young age (Band brothers Casey & Riley are only 11 and 12) is destined to accomplish great things through their main-stream material and super-charged stage performance. “Holes and Hearts is more than a very good band, these guys are a friggin’ GREAT BAND!” stated Hector Gomez, CTC Drummer. “We had the honor to play with them at The Farm the other night and they blew everyone away. These guys are awesome musicians and as people, they’re cool as shit! We’re proud to say they are our friends.”

More news and information about Control the Chaos can be found by visiting their website and MySpace pages at:

For media, merchandising, distribution and marketing interests, please contact:
Ed Fassio – Band Manager
Itchy Metal Entertainment


Control the Chaos w/ Holes & Hearts

Control the Chaos w/ Holes & Hearts

  1. lost-n-thot says:

    omg! you guys are sooo cool! and the guy in the front with the whole in his jeans kneeling… ur really hott lol but seriously, i think thats awesome that you guys made your own band! i’ll check you guys out because i love rock! by the way… i love the name

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