Control the Chaos joins the Independent Entertainer’s Association (IEA)

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January 17, 2008 (Las Vegas, NV – USA)
Teen Molten Metal band, Control the Chaos announces a new partnership with the Independent Entertainer’s Association (IEA).

Based both in Los Angeles and Henderson, NV – The IEA is a non-profit organization of entertainers and artists who support each other through independent distribution. IEA is an organization that brings Independent Artists together for networking, press, and advertising purposes…and…for Independents to share their resources with one another in one convenient place.

Research shows that Independent Entertainers represent 80% of the $930 billion dollar Entertainment Industry. In addition, this industry is growing 5%yearly.

“We are extremely excited about this new association,” states Ed Fassio (General Manager of CTC). “This allows us a new breadth of opportunity and networking potential in addition to providing independent artists an incredible platform from which to launch their careers and express their creative freedom. Control the Chaos expects to become heavily involved with IEA in the coming weeks in both business and performance capacities.”

With plans for a full music recording studio and video production facility at their Henderson location, IEA will have a wealth of resources available for independent artists to utilize and learn from. The organization also hosts more than 35 internet radio stations with a weekly listener base of over 42 million. IEA Members have the opportunity to have their independent works broadcasted world-wide as well as participation in concert, promotion and trade-show opportunities.

A newly-formed organization the Independent Entertainer’s Association (IEA) has been officially established as of August 27, 2008. The IEA represents ALL genres of the Independent Entertainment Industry and welcome ALL who wish to better their lives through art, video and music!

For more information about IEA, check out

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