Control the Chaos, 2008 Quick Review…

Posted: December 20, 2008 in Music
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December 20, 2008 – (Las Vegas, NV – USA)

As another year comes to an end, it’s only appropriate to reflect on the the band’s progress over the last year.

It has been an incredible journey for the young foursome known as Las Vegas Molten Metal band “Control the Chaos”.  Relatively speaking, this was a very successful year for the group.  From the humble beginnings of their first show at Shadow Ridge, they’ve become a regular face on the local rock scene playing multiple venues and shows at familiar places such as The Rox, Puff, 4 Aces, GameWorks, Bistro Divino, Gallo’s, Yayo’s, Cheyenne Saloon, etc.  They’ve also managed to grab spotlight media coverage and reviews from the likes of Vegas Rocks Magazine and the talent department of A&R, receiving stellar reviews on their debut performances and EP.

Thanks goes directly to Don Melendez from Crimson Brand for making the band’s “Spider-Skull” logo once of the most recognizable and popular pieces of rock artwork in town. It’s the common experience to come to a CTC show and look out over the audience to a literal field of black T-Shirts with that menacing logo staring back.  In direct coordination with the design, the launch of the band’s onlilne property: saw a huge increase in traffic over the last quarter of 2008, which directly attributed to an increase in volume to their MySpace page (  The band has managed to rack up almost 13,000 plays across 6 singles (The band routinely performs 9 songs in their hour long set), more than 21,000 profile hits and over 1200 friends (and growing) in less than a six month period carrying most of their popularity without the presence of a lead vocalist.

Speaking of vocalists, it is a little known fact that the band actually had 13 auditions for the coveted front-man position.  Closest pick went to 17 year old Joey Guttierez who’s short stay afforded a live performance with the group on July 4, 2008.  Though parted ways, the band continues to be friends with Joey and his inclusion and departure inspired the group to forge ahead and try even more creative avenues for enhancing their live performance.  By November, two members of the group stepped into vocalist roles. Guitarist Zach Fassio and bassist CJ Hulet routinely take the mics to perform four of the band’s most popular tunes.  Also, a surprise performance has developed from drummer Hector Gomez in his extremely entertaining rendition of hip-hop legends, the Beastie Boys hit “Fight for Your Right to Party”.

Control the Chaos’ international presence also continues to grow. For unknown reasons, the band’s popularity has surged in places such as the UK, Indonesia and Turkey.  They recently grabbed some radio play in Greece and Indonesia and also saw online sales increase out of Australia.  We also experienced increases in listeners from Japan, New Zealand, Brazil, India, Mexico and Argentina. This is a great indicator that the band’s sound is both unique and compelling enough to expand into a world-wide market.  Plans for 2009 include even more international concentration, starting with our local neighbors in Canada and Mexico as these territories are a little easier to access from a logistics stand-point.

Sponsorships and endorsements continue to be a focus as well.  In 2008, we stepped up our performance schedule and partnered with other local acts to increase our exposure and fan-base across the Vegas valley.  Brother-acts, Shotguns-N-Gasoline, SexPop Suicide and Degratia routinely joined CTC in our line-ups which resulted in some of our most well-attended and entertaining shows, including our now legendary “Desert Show” – which was one of the most spectacular peformances to date, given the energy, attendance and natural elements.  There is nothing more electric (and dangerous) than playing Rock in the middle of a lightning storm.  Though the weather did not cooperate, it was a great demonstration of how bands working together can create an unstoppable momentum, so we’ll continue to explore promoting our own shows and billings going in to the New Year.

The increased show schedule grabbed the attention of local businesses which put their names, logos and sponsorships behind the band including the folks at Vegas Rocks, Pompei Sound, BBizz Studios, ChugLife and Crimson Brand.  We also created new partnerships with the local marketing behemoth known as “Pacific Coast Pirates”, headed by the masterminds behind the funk-reggae group, the FunkyJahPunkys. Led by Justin Gulley, CTC has been adopted into their now infamous PCP Family and can routinely be found attending the PCP Family BBQs which are held each Sunday at their Vegas home.  The event is regularly attended by local vegas acts, industry professionals, select media and of course, zealous fans. CTC is in continued discussions to explore touring opportunities through PCP and the associated label, PCP Reckerdz as we head into the new year. Expect more announcements and momentum to surface as we get closer to the summer vacation timeframe.  Also on the idea-wagon are corporate sponsorships from industry vendors and commercial properties including some early discussions for sponsored shows and future endorsements with the Brazen Group, which is launching a new line of caffeinated beverages named “The Tastiest Buzz” in early 2009. CTC, S-N-G and FJP will stay in close concert as these talks continue to develope, so stay tuned.

There are plenty of more experiences, and lessons that we’ve learned over the past 12 months. For all the ups and downs, the bottom line is that the band has weathered many storms in 2008 and yet we are all still together, rocking harder than ever.  We continue to count our blessings and give thanks every day, as the band’s mantra has been “Blessings got us here, and they’ll keep us here”.  We thank you all for the continued support as we go back into the studio and start off January with most of our weekend shows already booked.

Happy New Year and we’ll see you on the other side…. until then, Keep it Bangin’!


CTC Concept Logo from CrimsonBrand

CTC Concept Logo from CrimsonBrand

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