Control the Chaos expands online distribution to include Amazon MP3 U.K.

Posted: December 9, 2008 in Uncategorized

CTC Music Available in Amazon MP3 Great Britain

December 8, 2008 (Las Vegas, NV – USA)

In joint partnership through TuneCore, Las Vegas molten metal band “Control the Chaos” will now expand all of their music for digital distribution into Amazon MP3 U.K. stores. Having already chosen Amazon MP3 as an initial launch partner, CTC will now have all albums and forthcoming singles distributed into all territories, including Amazon’s newly announced expansion into the United Kingdom.

“This further broadens our outreach to our fans and exposes us to an even more diverse market place”, stated Ed Fassio, General Manager for Control the Chaos. “We’ve seen a significant increase in our listener population come from cities in Europe including UK areas such as London and Manchester. Now, through the brand-awareness of online giants such as, new CTC fans can more easily find, access and download our music. We see this as a very positive direction for future band endeavors and are excited about TuneCore’s announcement with Amazon MP3 UK.”

As the band’s online presence and international popularity grows, fans can expect additional announcements regarding developments on this topic. Check back often, subscribe to this blog or join our mailing list to get the latest information on current and future CTC developments.

Thanks for the support,

Control the Chaos

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