Vocalist Rumors? Could it be true??

Posted: November 26, 2008 in Music
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Vocalist Rumors? Could it be true??
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November 26, 2008 (Las Vegas, NV) – Fueled by speculation, internet buzz and an impromptu showcase at a recent venue, fans and local press have been talking about rumors that Control the Chaos may have finally found a vocalist.

Sources close to the band won’t confirm that the frontman spot is filled, but they did verify that the band recently peformed two of their tracks (Punish the Wicked & Doom On You) with full lyrics and melodies.  The scene took place on November 14th at Cheyenne Saloon’s Rockfest.  With over 200 people in attendance, CTC took center stage to a very festive crowd.  As the audience drew closer to join the thunderous riffs and high-voltage energy, it became apparent that they wanted to sing along. It was at that moment that both Zachary Fassio (guitar) & CJ Hulet (bass) stepped to the microphones and amazed the crowd with an unrehearsed performance during the last ten minutes of their set.

The response?  Overwhelmingly positive.  The crowd came off their feet! People who never knew their vocals even existed found themselves somehow singing along.  Heads were banging harder than ever and the entire front row was devil-horns and fists in the air.  Interestingly enough, the surprise performance was actually caught on video, as the promoters that night were filming a live DVD.  CTC has yet to see the footage and interviews, but is actively inquiring.

“I never really expected to take the mic, but the crowd was hungry and it just felt right,” explained Zachary Fassio, guitarist of the band.

“I looked over at our manager, and he gave me a look like it was time to do something big, something different.  That’s when I leaned over and told Zach in the middle of his solo that we’d be singing the next two songs.  The moment was priceless,” described CJ Hulet, aka “Bones”- the bassist of CTC.

“There’s still no single front-man for CTC. Right now, the kids have done an impressive job tackling the vocal arrangements and writing the melodies and lyrics.  CJ and Zach never planned on rising to the occassion, but when they did – something pretty amazing happened.  I was impressed, and so was the audience.  I won’t fuel any rumors, but I can say that there’s more of that to come… and maybe a little extra.  You’ll have to come to the show and see, ” states Ed Fassio, CTC’s Manager.

So it looks like the front-man of CTC is actually two people, or is it three?  Wait, there’s four guys in the band… do all of them sing?  Do they play at the same time? There’s also new rumors about a keyboardist?  What??  Well, we could go on and on and on…

One thing’s for sure:  the only way to see what the band is really up to is to come out and see them play.  The next opportunity is at the Grand-Opening of the new 305 Club inside the Greek Isle Casino & Resort on the Vegas Strip.  The event goes all day and CTC takes stage after 9:30pm, playing the final close-out performance of the night.  Tickets are $10, there will be food and hourly drink specials and best of all… it’s 18+  this time, so if you’re of age, this is a great opportunity to check out a new venue and CTC’s new set.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone and thanks for the continued support!

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