Las Vegas Heavy Metal Teens brand the “Molten-Metal” Sound

Posted: August 19, 2008 in Music
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Control The Chaos

Control The Chaos

Hector Gomez – DRUMS, Zachary Fassio – GUITARS, Cody Davis – GUITARS, CJ Hulet – BASS

Las Vegas, NV USA! Control The Chaos (aka CTC) has created a unique & aggressive “MOLTEN-METAL” sound by blending harmonized guitars and skilffully executing organized mayhem through their constant, changing time signatures.

All the while, each song stays anchored to a groovin’ rock melody making their tracks both powerful and hypnotic.
When it comes to LIVE performance, these teens know how to lay it DOWN! The chemistry and dynamic of a group that has been together only 16 months demonstrates a level of professionalism, maturity and personal commitment to their art form. Every member is an evolved front-man that possesses a natural instinct to ENTERTAIN! CTC keeps giving the fans what they want – PURE VEGAS HEAVY METAL, which is apparent at every show!

As each new song explodes through the speakers, the musical intensity and complexity of chord and scale structure increases. Chaotic riffs, pulsating drums, head-banging rhythm and thunderous “stadium-moshing” break-downs are THE signature sound & style of CTC.

Of course we couldn’t do it without our fans – so as always, we appreciate all of you VERY much.

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Thanks for checking us out!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice sounding tunes, found myself entertained even with the absence of a vocalist. I like the chaotic blend… lots of things going on in this music, but it does stay glued together in the groove element. That keeps it from being confusing, instead – quite entertaining.

    The guys are young, which gives an indication that they have a lot of time ahead of them to grow. This shows promise. I like Molten-Metal. It’s fresh, new and sounds edgy. Good description.

    They also have a good Myspace site – shows they put some thought into their world-wide presence. Seems that I’m able to find quite a bit of news about them out on the web and the YouTube videos are amateur enough that I think kids will relate and you can tell they’re having fun.

    Cool guys – can’t wait to hear and see more of Control The Chaos on the Vegas music scene. Rock on CTC!

    =A new fan 🙂

  2. MetalFreak says:

    there is some serious potential here. Control The Chaos will be on the “watch” list. Molten-Metal, nice. From Vegas… that’s just badass

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